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CD / DVD Duplication / Replication

25: CD's Duplicated £CALL Fast Turnaround!!!

100: CD's Duplicated £CALL Fast Turnaround!!!

1000: CDs Replicated with on body print in jewel case with 4 page inlay £CALL

1000: DVDs Replicated with on body print in standard DVD case £CALL

20k: DVDs or CDs in clear plastic sleeves £BEST PRICE

50k: CDs or DVDs Retail Packaged £BEST PRICE



Whatever your requirements just give us a call for the best price.



We have offices in London, Bethnal Green, North London, Edmonton, and Dagenham & Romford in Essex.




If you need a small or large quantity of copied discs then you have come to the right place.

We offer a complete range of CD DVD duplication and replication services and packaging solutions from start to finish. Our usuall turnaround times are 10 - 14 days for replication although duplication can be faster, (within 24 hours). Our Duplicators are of the latest technology and can produce multiple copies at high speed. Many people are not familiar with the difference between duplicated CDs or DVDs and replicated so please make sure you know what your getting by reading the relevent pages or calling us for advice. We are more than happy to assist you in advicing you with packaging options and we even have our own designers if you need us to help in this area.

We can also provide you with your very own duplicating machine. If you regularly need copies of cds or dvds in quanities of at least 10 at a time upto 100 or so, then it might be more cost effective to purchase your own duplicator and do it yourself. We have the very latest duplicators at very affordable prices. Because we have offices in North London, (Edmonton) East London (bethnal Green) and Essex (Dagenham), we can reach most of our clients, however if you are outside of London or Essex then do not worry our delivery service reaches nationally and internationally. Please do not hesitate to call for more information.

Duplicated Disks can play in almost any DVD player including portable DVD players

CD DVD Duplication

CD DVD Replication

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CD DVD Duplication

All quantities duplicated
Various packaging options
Full on body printing
cellowrap finish

CD DVD Replication

Quantities 500 and over replicated
Glass Master created
Full on body Print
Many packaging options
Cellowrap finish

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Marketing Advice
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